Easily identify your future plots with LandDev
Easily identify and analyse interesting plots of land for your future property development project.
Visualise the building potential of the plots from the start.
Find all the information you need on a single platform.
Share your personalised reports with your clients and collaborators.
Save hours of work for you and your staff.
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Investment fund

How does it work?

We aggregate millions of real estate data, we apply our algorithms, you accelerate your prospecting

Quickly identify your future plots

A smart map with powerful search capabilities makes it easy to identify high-potential plots. Your plots are now ready to be analysed.
Find plots of land easily with our filters

Access detailed analysis

All the data you need, presented in a detailed, clear and precise way, allowing you to analyse a plot of land in a few minutes.

Share your reports easily

Export white-label PDF reports with your logo and contact information or generate excelsis to communicate with your partners or customers.
History of transactions, surveys and property advertisements

Go back in time

Search and filter the history of transactions, surveys and property advertisements. View them in lists, maps and statistics.

Keep your market under surveillance

Create customised automatic alerts and receive new transactions, surveys and property advertisements directly.

Ready to find your next high potential plot?

To know the building potential of the plots of land