Broker Info

Get more brokerage mandates with Broker Info
BrokerInfo allows you to accelerate your real estate prospection to obtain more brokerage mandates. Our solution offers you a detailed vision of the Swiss real estate market, simply analyse its evolution.
Prospect quickly and easily with our powerful search engine.
Create customised alerts and keep your market under surveillance.
Make it easy to follow up on your prospecting.
Solution dedicated to :
Independent brokers
Real estate experts
Property management

How does it work?

A platform bringing together all the information on your real estate sector for optimised prospecting

Use the power of our search engine

Searching for plots or properties has never been easier with our maps and intelligent search filters. Access the key information you need.
information on plots and buildings
History of transactions, surveys and property advertisements

Go back in time  

Search and filter the history of transactions, surveys and property advertisements. View them in lists, maps and statistics.

Export your lists to Excel or PDF

Export white-label PDF reports with your logo and contact information or generate excelsis to communicate with your partners or customers.
Export transaction, survey and advertisement histories

Create your own maps easily

With our customisable labels, create your own personalised map and view the progress of your files. You will have the opportunity to create your own notes, and set up reminders for efficient follow-up. 

Keep your market under surveillance

Create customised automatic alerts and receive new transactions, surveys and property advertisements directly.

Ready to accelerate your real estate prospecting?

To know the building potential of the plots of land